What we get done for you

You get first-class expertise that will convince your counterpart to collaborate with you.

We are the premier business-to-business presentation agency that conducts high-class business introductions, business diplomacy and deal negotiations on a global scale. 

We work with energy - this includes EQ, linguistics and visuals. We present, negotiate in the presentation / meeting and design the presentation content, such as a high-quality 3D animation of your product to be presented. If you feel strongly about this, it's time to contact us. 

PLUS geopolitical research report for strategic steps of your business 

The current geopolitical situation of your business spectrum will be investigated. For e.g. government regulations and upcoming changes, such as sanctions or presidential elections, that alter the leadership of the country in which you do business.

The geopolitical situation and analyzed future prospects are compared with your current business status and intentions to see if there are any tensions and challenges that will disrupt your intended business operations.

PLUS we take care of the entire media content of the presentation (Portfolio)

- full service, all first-class.

You get a peak performer who is articulate, intelligent, aesthetically pleasing, well-versed in international cultures and emotional intelligence, and who can present superbly in front of top cosmopolitan audiences.

Your business will be presented in an all-round brilliant way.


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Los Angeles



The Story / Lead Director

Since 2012  - Founder-led -

As the Executive Director and Chief Business Diplomat of B2B Studio, the founder's path to creating the only existing B2B studio focused on eloquent, energy-field-driven communication across cross-cultural boundaries between Eastern and Western cultures has been anything but straightforward, and Ms. Kerl's experiences have led her clients to GREAT intercultural success.


Technical and artistic skills combined with academic research and scientific, engineering collaborations, as well as the path of spiritual soul work of the help of indigenous and modern tribes across the globe, and the intention to serve others with sophisticated skills in emotional intelligence that she was born with and has nurtured over the past decade, and which are currently much needed, have led Frau Kerl to start a business that combines passion, skills and necessity for working with mixed-cultural people and industries as well as her creative desires.

All the staff at Frau Kerl's B2B Studio have many years of experience in research, communication, animation and visual harmonisation to foster greater collaboration and cultural understanding.

Not only are they passionate about what they do,

what they do is their human design.

If you want to work with true professionals who focus on delivering only the finest quality, talk to this amazing Studio today.